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I received quite a few requests regarding posting the hydraulic arm instructions, like what we did in class, so that students could build their own at home. Here is a website where you can download the most simple version: http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Hydraulic-Machines/


This website has some neat ideas that students also built: http://www.pathfindersdesign.net/www.pathfindersdesign.net/Classroom_Hydraulic_Machine_Inventions.html

Here is the hydraulic arm that was our demo, with the claw and arm motion: http://www.scienceguy.org/Articles/SyringeHydraulics.aspx


You can find most materials either at the craft store (Popsicle sticks, hot glue, beads, zip-ties), aquarium supply store (tubing), and hardware store (syringes)

If you would like to consider kits for the holidays here are a few pre-made kits on Amazon.com:



NOTE: If the federal government shuts down next week then SERC, it’s campus, classes, and field trips will all shut down as well.  I will send out an e-mail if this affects our classes in the following weeks.

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